How to increase the value of your home quickly

Selling in the Niagara Region using the A&R Method

Hey there

Does the thought of selling your house make you want to deep breathe into a paper bag?

We get it. To those not familiar with the industry, it may seem like a daunting task…
But, look; creating a stress-free selling experience is kind of our specialty.
One that will leave you “bouncing with happiness” as one of our clients playfully put it

    We’ve personally been in your shoes several times.

    And we’ve damn near perfected our process. So much so, that we even helped transform a property that we went on to sell in only one week! 

    Work with us.  It’ll mean a faster sale for you and more money in your pocket.

    Did you know that our latest listing was seen online, by over 60,000 prospective buyers in just a few short days…


    Well: That’s huge exposure > which means more buyers > which means a faster sale & more profit in your pocket.

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    When you work with us, you get double the output.

    Imagine your property being sold before we’ve even had the chance to list it! That’s what several A&R clients can proudly say. 

    How? Because we have a pool of private buyers waiting to snatch up a property just like yours. And, we run effective marketing campaigns, using NEW marketing strategies and targeted ads.

    “We don’t just take some fancy pictures, slap them up on MLS & kick back.”

    You’re thinking: “This sounds pricey?” but, on the contrary, we charge a very competitive commission rate. Just ask us. We also invest up to 1% of your property’s value upfront to get it ‘buyer ready.’ 

    So, C’mon, let us hold your hand and effortlessly navigate you through the process.

    Download our SELLER GUIDE now or give us a call and schedule an initial chat today.

    Talk to you soon,

    Aram & Renee Ghewondian

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