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Our 5 Step Process

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Before beginning the process of buying and selling, we’ll start off by scheduling a 15 minute strategy call with you. This is where we will begin to get to know each other, discuss your current situation and where you want to be. We’ll go through multiple questions together to get to know exactly what you’re looking for in a house and discuss the best possible steps to get you there.

We will then schedule an onsite visit where we will identify exactly what needs to occur in your house to get the most value out of it and will prepare a clearly laid out plan to turn your house into a beautiful showcase. Our action plan and detailed timeline will be emailed out to you shortly after this visit.

We’re dedicated to the entire process and the best possible end result for you. By getting to know your current situation an d your goals, we can better help you reach them faster.


Fixing Flaws

In this step, we will address any flaws that we feel will get in the way of a great offer. This is where we work closely with our industry partners to address any fixable flaws.

This could include minor house repairs (such as holes and scratches in the walls) , and painting (in the colours we know sell). The best part? We coordinate all of this for you and cover the cost!

If buyers identify a flaw in your house, this is where their attention will be diverted to, and they will try to use this to their advantage when it comes to negotiating a price.

We won’t let any fixable flaws get in the way of an offer.


Declutter And Clean

When a house is cluttered and rooms appear to have no purpose, buyers will disconnect with the space very quickly.

This can have detrimental effect and will make your house much harder to sell. Ensuring all rooms are clutter free, clean and have a clear purpose will drastically increase the likelihood of buyers falling in love with your home.

Our professional organizer and cleaning team will come in to help open up the space and prevent buyers from being distracted by clutter and storage. If necessary, we will also have a dump run scheduled to remove any unneeded items.



The details are taken care of, all the flaws are fixed and your house is sparkling clean. It’s time to make it look look like a showcase home that everyone will dream about.

The last step in achieving this, is staging. Once your home is cleaned and organized we will bring out an amazing home stager to accentuate the features of your house and furnish your space (if need be) with items that are on trend and incredibly appealing.

Home staging is a very important component of selling a house that many people overlook. It helps to emphasize your property’s strengths and allows it to be shown at its maximum potential.



Now that your house is in the best shape possible, it’s time to bring in the buyers! We don’ t do this by simply putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on your lawn, listing it on MLS and hoping for the best . We effectively market your property.

And we don’ t mean simply splattering it a cross our Facebook and Instagram pages and calling that social media marketing. We study the demographics of who your home will most appeal to, and strategically target that audience through various marketing channels and ads to make sure the right person clicks over to your property.

And when they do land on it? It will be a beautifully staged and well-showing home that practically sells itself.


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